Posting Documents and Pictures

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Posting Documents and Pictures

Post by Matthew Jumamoy on Wed Nov 18, 2015 12:08 am

Posting a Document
Posting a document can be done several ways, but if you use Google Docs, that would be awesome!
Go to and sign in.
Press the 'New' button, then press 'Upload a file'.

Select the file you want to upload.
Locate the file you just uploaded and double click it.
Click the share button at the top of the screen.
Press the 'Get shareable links' button.
Right click on the large link that appears and press 'Copy'.
Go back to the Resources section of the club site and press 'New Topic'.
Write down basic information about your document and once you're done, press the paper clip icon.
Right click in the URL section and press 'Paste'.
The link should appear something like this. Once you are done, press 'Send'!

Posting a Picture
Posting a picture on these forums is a much easier process.
1) To post a picture, click on the image symbol in the toolbar above each new post or topic that has a floppy disk (save icon in many other programs) over the right hand corner.
2) Click 'Browse' and select your image. Once you are done, right click the 'Image' portion and press 'Copy'.
3) Go to the message now and click 'Paste' where you want the link to be.

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